For Hekate

Hekate, Titan and Queen, Goddess of the moon’s ancient magic, Keeper of the haunted celestial palace of daemons shaping the destinies of mortals, Bearer of the holy lantern shining pale light into the yawning dark, Guide and guardian of black night’s liminal rites and chthonic secrets, To you I give due honor and reverence.

The Weavers’ Wyrd Wonders

Mightily wove they | the web of fate, While Bralund’s towns | were trembling all; And there the golden | threads they wove, And in the moon’s hall | fast they made them. ~ Poetic Edda, Helgakvitha Hjorvarthssonar I, Verse 3 Weaving has been an integral part of human civilization for millennia. Though I’ve known…