Keeping the Temple

A few months ago, after a long period of limited praxis, I returned to the Work. I marked my re-entry with the most basic service I could think of: temple keeping. I uncovered the shrines, removed the worn or no longer meaningful shrine contents, cleaned the altars, washed the statues and idols, removed the clutter, replaced the candles, rearranged the sacred objects, and welcomed the Gods back home with prayers and fragrant incense.

As I’ve said many times, the core of my spiritual Work is in establishing and maintaining Right Relationship with the Powers (and also with People). That involves engagement, give and take, and meaningful mutual investment. Last year I took time away from my Work with Them at Their encouragement. At the time I didn’t see how time away from my Service (young and growing as it was at the time) could set things Right. But in my time away as the year unfolded I awakened to insight and inspiration from Them and from within myself (just as important). And so I’ve come full circle through another year of life. Go me! It’s been hard as hell and it’s been sublime – overflowing with life lessons and spiritual truths that I am living every day (most important), and that I can’t wait to share (most fun)! I am once again ripe for the Work and it feels good. With open eyes. With open mind. With open heart. So be it.