On Love

The Work of being human is to love. Love is the deep affection, attachment, or devotion that we have for one another but it is also truly seeing and connecting with one another. It is recognizing that we are all unique beings, with emotional, psychological, historical, cultural, economic, and social trajectories that are all our own. Love isn’t just due to others  but to ourselves as well. We are called to know ourselves, respect ourselves, and take care of ourselves because we matter too! We are each sacred beings connected to all of Creation. We must honor ourselves psycho-emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. When we wholly love ourselves, we are able to more wholly love others too.

As I consider the interconnectedness of all things, love is never selfish because if freely given, it always returns to the sender and conversely, if freely accepted always benefits the sender and receiver. This applies to human interactions as well as our interaction with this planet and her systems. When we respect the animals, plants, weather systems, landscapes, etc. of the Earth, we receive the best she has to offer and are thereby enriched by her love and our own love for her.

May all those who give love also receive love, and may those who receive love also give love.