Personal Values

Speak My Truth.
Truth is not singular but plural. There are as many Truths as there are people on the planet. The only Truth I can fully know, speak, and live is my own. I am obligated to speak my Truth (in words and in my actions) with the full understanding that my Truth may not be shared by another and with respect for other Truths. To speak my Truth will most certainly require fortitude.

Keep My Word.
Word is bond. I am obligated to speak only what I can honor in thought, feeling, and deed. To keep my word will most certainly require trustworthiness.

Know Myself.
Everything begins and ends, grows and changes, becomes. In light of this reality, it is essential to me that I know who I am. What can I do? What can’t I do? What can others fairly expect from me? What can I fairly expect from others? What can I give? What do I want in return? How much is too much? When have I not offered enough? I am obligated to know the answers to these and other questions pertinent to my own becoming and I must act accordingly. However, this is a process, not a task. I am obligated to constantly evaluate and reevaluate the answers and add to/nuance the questions. To know myself will most certainly require introspection.

Know and Honor My Roles.
As beings in a shared environment, co-creating reality, we take on many roles over the course of our lives: sister, daughter, friend, lover, healer, confidante, partner, witch, and so on. Each of these roles is important and sacred because it places us in dynamic interconnected relationship with other beings. For every role justly given and/or freely accepted, I am obligated to fulfill it to the best of my ability. To know and honor my roles will most certainly require due diligence.

Know Others.
We are connected to others at every point in our lives. Therefore, it is essential that we understand others, that we know them well if not intimately.  An integral part of knowing others is communication. I am obligated to connect with others, come to know their wants, needs, and desires, and communicate without cease in an effort to meet them halfway in terms of giving them what they want, need and desire and securing what I want, need, and desire. To know others will most certainly require empathy.

I am obligated to freely accept what is rightly given and then appropriately return it in some comparable form. To do so honors the endless cycle of exchange and promotes fairness. To reciprocate will most certainly require resourcefulness.

Practice Justice.
All beings on the planet matter and we all have a divine right to 1) be treated fairly and 2) have our basic needs met. Where individuals, groups, or organizations would work to undermine our fair treatment and/or our basic right to the necessities of life, I am obligated to speak up, stand up, and act up! To practice justice will most certainly require doughtiness.

Keep the Faith.
Not everything can be seen or planned for but the Universe is a complex, dynamic, and generally beautiful system. No matter the outcomes, I am obligated to trust that each outcome means something. To keep the faith will most certainly require resolve.

Laugh Often.
Life is full of surprises and laughter is a balm for the soul.  I am obligated to laugh heartily at the unexpected. To laugh often will most certainly require an open heart.

Be Real.
I am a dynamic, beautiful, and unique human being. In all situations and under all circumstances, I must be the fullest and most complete me that I can be at that given moment, having command of my core self and the will to express it. To be real will most certainly require courage.