On Divinity

Divinity is within us and without us, immanent and transcendent. However, I do not believe that Divinity is outside of space, time, and the universe but rather is part and parcel of all three. It is the overarching form and substance of all that was, is, and ever will be. Divinity is the force that holds an individual together, meaning that it is the mind, body, and spirit. Divinity is the unity of the individual organism. At the same time, Divinity is the series of interconnections that bind all of humanity together as well as binding humanity to the various species, ecosystems, and biospheres of this planet. It is also the multiple and multifaceted forces that move the universe, the known and unknown powers that allow the universe to exist and function. In our attempts to understand Divinity, we assign names and attribute to these myriad forces. In my opinion these names are valid in and of themselves because they capture some portion of the essence of the forces to which they refer. Those forces would exist with or without human acknowledgment or consent. It is in this way that I believe Divinity is “objectively real”. Whether or not individuals recognize and acknowledge that constellation of forces is a personal choice and an individual right. In short, Divinity is everything and, arguably, nothing.

Divinity is in a family laughing together, a man crying alone, the harvest of fruit and grain, the birth of a child, the fall of an empire, and the rising of the morning Sun. Divinity is every nook and cranny of our existence and experience on this sphere.

May all those who connect – one to another – know all that is Divine.