A Few Words on Lilith

Lilith_(John_Collier_painting)During a divination back in the day, Lilith said something that stuck to my spiritual bones.

“He withdrew his favor but but he could never take my Fire.”

She commented that she will find and lift up the forsaken. She sees the world clearly and acts within it boldly. She teaches us to make something from nothing, to turn the desert into a fertile queendom. Lilith offers the transformation of a life of longing and craving into a life of fulfillment, if we’re willing to get our hands dirty and shake the foundations of our world.


Wayfaring Woman: Soul Searching at Winter Solstice Time


Public Domain/ Pixabay.com

Soul Searching at Winter Solstice Time, my new post on The Agora at Patheos, is available! Give it a look-see :D.

Powerful Words from Angrboda

I was reading through some old notes I made after a marathon divination session with a number of Powers, Angrboda included, back in April. I felt it was important to share her rede here:

“Things fall apart, but what emerges in the wake of destruction can be generative. Learn to toil in the fields of sorrow and produce sustenance. Learn the worth of the devils in the dark.”

Now that I’m looking, I cannot help but see a connection between Angrboda’s words back in April and my recent post on hamingja and luck.