Contributions to The Wild Hunt Thus Far

I’ve been so honored and super excited to write for The Wild Hunt thrice since this time last year. You can find the three articles that I’ve written so far using the following links:

Reflections from the Edge – Published December 2016

Memory, Prophecy, and Social Justice: Would You Know Yet More? – Published September 2017

Honoring Differences in Energy Perception – Published December 2017

Many thanks and many blessings!


Reflections from the Edge

Today I made my very first guest contribution to The Wild Hunt in which I examine the sociopolitical realities of marginalized identities at the intersection of spirituality. I share the impact that those realities have had on my spiritual path within Paganism, up to and including the deities and spirits with whom I work. My  identity as a Black Bisexual Woman is central to my discussion. Respectful thoughts and comments on the piece are welcome.

Reflections from the Edge can be accessed here!