Rune Songs

Runes are the mysteries of the universe and the complex nuances of our existence on this mighty sphere. If you’ve worked with the runes at all, you know that sound and song are central to their mysteries. That can include anything from toning and chanting to accompanied singing, all of which – with a magical aspect – can fit into what we call galdr. Often with the runes we feel compelled to pull them into the romanticized past where nothing can touch them but our skillfully crafted, oddly rigid imagination under the guise of deep spirituality.

Lately I’ve been focused on situating the runes and their mysteries in the here and now of my daily life, and that includes contemporary music. As the new year dawns I’m determined to experiment with new ways of engaging a host of spiritual topics. So, in my work with runes, I’m bringing them into the present musical moment because their mysteries rattle and shake everything, including the vocal stylings of my favorite artist as well as the artists that I despise. And so, with that, I offer the (probably first of many lists of) songs that I associate with the runes. Enjoy!

If you have some too, please don’t hesitate to include them in the comments.


Fehu – Royals by Lorde

Uruz – Move B!tch by Ludacris ft Mystikal and I-2o

Thurisaz – Toxicity by System of A Down

Ansuz – Roar by Katy Perry

Raidho – Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

Kenaz – Wake Me Up by Avicii

Gebo – Lose Control by Timbaland ft Jojo

Wunjo – Dreams by Van Halen

Hagalaz – Crawling by Linkin Park

Nauthiz – Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas

Isa – Ice Queen by Within Temptation

Jera – Mother Earth by Within Temptation

Eihwaz – The Hanging Tree from The Hunger Games (Peter Hollens version)

Perthro – I See Fire by Ed Sheeran (Peter Hollens version)

Elhaz – Titanium by David Guetta ft Sia

Sowilo – Morning Comes by Delta Rae 

Tiwaz – Renegade by Styx

Berkano – Suvetar by Gjallarhorn

Ehwaz – Howl by Florence and the Machine

Mannaz – Get By by Talib Kweli

Laguz – Blinding by Florence and the Machine

Ingwaz – Nature Boy by David Bowie

Othala – Hometown Glory by Adele

Dagaz – One Day by Matisyahu


Sound Bites: Tasty Morsels from A Pagan Playlist

With all this talk of Pagan music, I thought I would share some of the Pagan goodies in my playlist.

A Few Good Artists, or Key Artists With More Than One Song in My Playlist

S.J. Tucker – A wonderful Neopagan artist with great songs, a great sound, and great energy.

OshunGaia – Some of their songs are original and others are creative re-presentations of traditional songs from various religions and spiritualities around the world. I use some selections in my work with the Orishas and my answers.

Wardruna – Evoking Norse mysteries. GREAT for trance and rune work!

Gaia Consort – This group is fresh and folky. And sometimes, they even have a little soul.

Hagalaz Runedance – Yes! More good music with Norse/Germanic themes.

Loreena McKennitt, Mediaeval Baebes, & Enya – I am not sure whether or not any of these wonderful women are self-identified Pagans but their music sure does come in handy for spellwork, general ritual, and trance journeying.

A Few Good Songs:

The Circle Is Cast by Robert Gass & On Wings of Song

Song for Heimdall by Karl Donaldsson

Mother Earth by Within Temptation

Samhain Night by Loreena McKennitt

Seeker Divine by Hagalaz Runedance

Wytches by Inkubus Sukkubus

Hymn to Herne by S.J. Tucker

Jai Ma by OshunGaia

Into the West by Annie Lennox (from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack)

Fire in the Head by Emerald Rose

Drawing Down the Moon by Gaia Consort

Cernunnos by Faith and the Muse

Summerisle by Mediaeval Baebes

Suvetar by Gjallarhorn

More Pagan musical goodies – with embedded video – can be found at Wandering Woman Wondering II, where I have linked pieces by Wendy Rule, Daemonia Nymphe, and Magin Rose. Yum.