On Priestesshood

A true High Priestess of the Ancient Ones, in her capacity as a facilitator and guide to Their human progeny here on Earth under Sky, must:

Speak Divine Truths

The Divine Truths of the Gods are simple and steadfast. The deities are both light and dark but both the light and the dark emit their love by helping us to grow. We will have no joy nor suffer any sadness that one or more of the Gods is not willing, able, and prepared to stand with us through!

Divine Truths can be recognized from personal truth because Divine Truths will stand alone, ring clear, and resonate with all fibers of the recipient’s being. It is not tainted by personal theories and philosophies but instead flows from a deep place that always nourishes the recipient with what is needed AND is communicated in a manner that allows it to be fully heard, understood, and utilized by the recipient.

Offer Support

The spiritual road is narrow and difficult at times. A true High Priestess recognizes this truth, respects individuals’ roads and uses the wisdom of the Ancient Ones to offer food and drink, shelter, and solace on the journey. In short, the High Priestess is always looking for words, gestures, and deeds that validate a seeker’s experiences, contextualize their joys and sorrows, and encourage them forward.

Give Counsel

We all walk connected, but personal roads. Only in honoring each individual’s unique physical, spiritual, and psycho-emotional perspectives and varied socio-cultural backgrounds all while communicating the Gods’ Truths, will the High Priestess of the Ancient Ones be able to offer advice that other seekers can employ for change.