On Devotion

When I speak of devotion here, I mean divine devotion, devotion to a deity/deities or higher power. Devotion to the gods requires a willingness to recognize and be in awe of the divinity that pulses through the multiverse. Devotion to the gods, in my view, requires that one accept that the gods are bigger than humans because 1) they possess a perspective that encompasses more threads of wyrd/fate/being/existence and 2) the power to more widely and more deeply influence those threads. To my thinking, that makes the gods worthy of devotion by 1) those who benefit from their perspective, power, and influence, and 2) by those who would offer their lives and skills to the support of the gods’ Great Work (e.g., priests and priestesses, shamans, diviners, spirit-workers, and the like).

It takes a great deal of energy, love, and faith to be devoted to anything and gods are no exception. Divine relationships require just as much work if not more than many human relationships. Devotion to divinity demands that we keep the lines of communication open with our gods, show appreciation for them (e.g., by making offerings), and align ourselves with the gods’ energy. When devotion fully blooms, its fragrance diffuses through the devotee’s life and the presence of the deity/deities to whom the person is devoted becomes more manifest. It is through the process and state of devotion that we touch the powers that be and they reach into the human sphere and touch us in return.

May the flower of devotion fill the world with great beauty and joy.