Magical Ethics

When to Use Magick
Magick should be used as a tool to aid in the satisfaction of a clear and specific psychological, emotional, physical, or spiritual need.

How to Use Magick
Magick is powerful; therefore, it must be used with discipline and caution. This means keeping an eye toward the physical, psychological, and emotional safety of those who participate, those for whom the magick is intended and those beings that opt to assist. Further, magick (direct energetic manipulation) must always compliment – not replace – a mundane effort to obtain the desired outcome.

Treatment of Otherworldly Beings
The Beings of the Otherworlds exist and they have a host of talents and skills that they may be willing to lend to a Witch’s magickal workings. However, these beings have wills of their own. Consequently, they should be asked for assistance, rather than commanded, dominated, or coerced. Honestly, it is rude and a little ridiculous to assume that level of influence is even possible with many of the beings that we work with in the Otherworlds. In a nutshell, respect is the word.

An Obligation to Know
It is vital that a Witch/ magickal practitioner fully understand and agree with a ritual, spell, or other type of magickal working. If a Witch is to lend her energy and tie herself to that magick, she must fully understand it because she is ultimately both responsible and accountable for all of her workings. A Witch cannot and should not claim ignorance in a magickal context.

Record Keeping
A Witch is responsible and accountable for all of her workings, past, present, and future; therefore, good record keeping is essential as is a constant readiness to assess and evaluate magicks so that their consequences and outcomes can be comprehended and adequately dealt with.

A Witch should consider the least damaging, least invasive self-defense strategies when retaliating against malicious magickal or mundane attacks. More aggressive strategies are sometimes called for, but an ethical Witch must be certain she is willing and able to deal with the consequences.

Informed Consent
If a magickal working is to be performed for someone else, it must be performed with that person’s clear, direct, verbal, and informed consent. If consent cannot be given (e.g., person is in a coma), then consent should be obtained from the nearest relative, preferably the person with power of attorney or similar guardian-type authority. When the working is complete, a full and easily comprehensible debriefing should be delivered along with appropriate follow-up at a later date.

Full Disclosure
Ritual participants are to be fully and clearly informed of a ritual’s purpose and what it entails. Participants should be informed that they are free to opt out at any time. Individuals are free and autonomous agents and as such must never be made to feel that their participation is obligatory in a particular ritual.  Within a coven context, this particular ethical principle does not negate a dedicant’s or initiate’s duty to complete co-created and agreed upon tasks as necessary for elevation within the group.

Code of Silence
In order to avoid energetic contamination and/or negativity around magickal workings, do not discuss them with people who cannot be trusted to understand and respect magick, the working itself, and/or the Witch.