Crows are fantastic creatures that like to greet the sun with a rough and repetitive song that actually makes me smile. I must be like 1 of 10 people on the planet who actually likes the way that crows sound. Perhaps, it’s because I have gotten used to them. There are a great many of them in my neighborhood. At least a few rest in almost every tree within a two block radius of my apartment. I found myself being drawn to them early last year. Their behavior interested me, as did their cawing. Because they are so vocal (like myself), I often feel that they are speaking directly to me in code and that I need to crack that code like a nut dropped from a high place onto the pavement so that I can harvest the delicious contents.

Crow speech has a few different forms. Many times there will be one or more crows engaged in a call and response with one or more other crows. Sometimes there are a half dozen or more in one tree chit-chatting. Often in my area, I will see them in the skies above my apartment flying and talking to one another. I feel particularly drawn to Crow because when he speaks, I feel compelled to listen. Other bird songs do not have that effect on me. I probably would have been a pretty good crow omen reader in Ancient Rome where it was a divinatory art to extract the secrets of crows. In my own modern life I have found that Crow often heralds a significant transition in my life. They also tend to portend the presence of Deity. I know that Crow just might be talking to me directly if he is cawing rather regularly and rapidly in my general direction with no other crows to respond to his call. It’s been strange the three or four times that it has happened but I listen and try to expand my awareness so that I can figure out what Crow might be talking about.

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2 thoughts on “Crow

  1. Crow sings to me when I walk my dogs. There is a murder of hooded crows nesting by the beach where I live, and whenever I go there one crow in particular always comes over to me. I have never seen him go to anyone else, just me. He sings a song and then flies onto the stone wall to watch me for a while before singing again and then flying off to join the other birds. Even my five dogs, who terrorize anything that comes near, leave him in peace. I always listen to him, even when I am in a hurry I spend time to listen. I hope that I will someday learn to understand his message, I know different crow calls and it isn’t threatening, but it isn’t like any of the other crow calls either. Maybe someday. Does anyone else have a crow like this where they are?

  2. “In my own modern life I have found that Crow often heralds a significant transition in my life.”

    Exactly. Whenever I hear Crow, I pause and listen. Sometimes it’s a message, sometimes it’s song, but there’s always intention behind it and it always signifies something new to come, a change or transition.

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