Coyotes are whip smart and clever as hell, necessary traits for survivors. They have been shot at, trapped, and generally attacked as a species for centuries but they go on. Their territory has actually expanded over the decades! Coyotes live in the liminal space between the animal wild and human civilization. They have adapted and learned to live on the edge of human life. It is this seemingly insignificant (and definitely dangerous) adaptation that has allowed them to comfortably survive where many other species are on the cusp of extinction. Ironically the more closely they court danger, the longer lived they are as a species. True, every animal has a right to live whether domestic or wild but Coyote isn’t waiting on humans to come to that realization; he is making his own way!

Like Crow, Coyote is also loud and talkative. In their native southwestern dessert lands (though they now cover most of the United States), they can be heard howling and yipping for miles in the dark night. There are not many coyotes near where I live within my particular city because I am too close to the hustle and bustle of human life, but they do make an appearance in the outskirts (remember, liminal). Appropriately, Coyote did not appear to me directly in my vision but instead came to me out of the corner of my eye while I was researching a number of other animals. The hours of reading must have placed me into a light trance that allowed him to “appear” to me. He had a look in his eye that seemed to suggest that I follow him. I did and I have not looked back. He continues to entertain and to teach me.

For information about the behavior of Coyotes, visit

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