About Wandering Woman

I am an animist, polytheist, spirit-worker, mystic, seeress, rune reader, traveler of the Otherworlds, priestess, healer, and Witch currently living in the USA.

I began my journey into Paganism in February 1998. My beliefs and practices have changed quite a bit over time and they continue to grow and evolve. Generically speaking, my practices include but are not limited to:

  • Devotional Work (with various deities and spirits)
  • Spirit Communication, Evocation, and Possession (e.g. divination, spae/seidhr, etc.)
  • Astral Exploration (e.g., journeying the Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil, visiting Nysa or Olympus, etc.)
  • Magical Work (e.g. shielding, warding, spell casting, etc.)
  • Meditation and Trance Work
  • Psychotransformation & Other Inner Work

These are the broad strokes of my practice. I invite you to explore this site further. Feel free to leave comments! I greatly appreciate opportunities for thoughtful and respectful exchange. From my perspective, blogs can be a wonderful way to share inspiration!

My other spiritual writings can be found online at The Wild Hunt and at Witches & Pagans. I also have two archived blogs – Wayfaring Woman and Daughters of Eve – both at Patheos.com.


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