A Welcome Energy Shift

waters-3060979_1920Late December through the New Year, I’ve felt “plugged in”. A great deal of fresh energy is moving through my life, and it feels GREAT. Even when I’m a little down, I feel up. Leaving 2017 behind and ringing in the promise of new opportunities, new creative expressions, new devotions, and new joys that come with 2018 has been intoxicating. This lightness of being and the spark of energy to pursue it has manifested in a lot of cleaning, organizing, and preparing around my home and at my shrines.

I’m clearing away clutter that has been with me for at least half of a decade. Specifically, I’ve pulled everything out of my closets and tetrised (yes, I used Tetris as a verb) back in only those things that serve me. I’ve gathered four boxes of books to sell at the local used bookstore. I’ve re-established my altars and shrines after far too long. Shrines and altars are gateways and homes for the gods and spirits. A quarter of mine were still in boxes from when I last moved. Those altars and shrines remained in my heart, but having a physically place at which I can adore the gods and spirits who have blessed me and continue to walk with me is invigorating. Of course I don’t have enough physical room in my home for everyone because I have very limited real estate; however, I’ve managed provide modest space for nearly everyone and I’m still working to gain ground where I can!

This new year feels different than the five or six before it. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a nut. I don’t expect this year to be all rainbows and sunshine, I honor and work with/for too many titanic and chthonic Holy Powers to suffer that delusion. However, it does feel like the energy flow in my life has shifted. The rip current doesn’t seem to be dragging me as far and trying to drown me.

I can swim freely again and the waters are rising to meet me, not overtake me. This period in my life looks promising and I am hopeful. Long may it be so.

4 thoughts on “A Welcome Energy Shift

    • Thank you! I do not have a public email account, but I do maintain a Twitter account. – @WanderingWoman9 – and a Tumblr account – WanderingWomanWondering. Both of which accept private/direct messages from logged in users. Thanks.

  1. I really feel this too–maybe all the %^&^% we went through as a planet the last year has gotten so much underlying progress going that we all feel it. Good for you to be getting rid of what you don’t want and passing it along to those who want it. Good also to get the altars goiong–we move din the last six months or so and way too much is still in boxes etc. too, and I feel guilty to not have gotten it all working yet. Oh well–festina lente: make haste slowly!

    • Thank you, Donnalee! It does feel really good to be returning to the full breadth and depth of my practice after so long. As I said I had some physical shrines in place but it feels amazing to have them all out in one form or another and activated. Let we humans and the spirit(s) move, wondrously and well!

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