A Baboon in the Reeds


Reeds growing along the Nile. Photo by Michael Shade.

.On a random Friday in April, I had visions of myself on the patio planting flowers and herbs. The feeling of driving my hands into the earth was incredibly arousing and satisfying. Within a moment’s time, I saw dozens of reed plants sprout up from the ground and an aggressive baboon emerged from among them. Immediately I thought of Thoth. I had previously felt his presence and a sense of urgency but was unable to make sense of it then. The salty baboon in my garden of reeds somehow seemed to make that earlier encounter a little clearer.


Baboon headed Thoth. Photo by Steven Johnson.

Reeds sometimes represent deep desire and broken relationships and baboons are sometimes associated with the final judgement, measuring, and writing – all of which are linked to Thoth himself. It was strange and also hilarious seeing that baboon making a fuss in the reed, because he was on a mission. He had something important to say. There is some portion of my work that is unaccounted for and some relationship perhaps that needs to be healed and/or restored.

Driving my hands into the earth, my soul soared into the sky, past the clouds and into the starry vault of heaven. In that moment I was again connected to the energy currents that mean so much to me. That link is important and that link will help me figure out exactly what’s missing I think.

Perhaps my recent encounter with Isis and Nephthys speaks to this too. Maybe this encounter with Thoth foretold that odd encounter with The Two Sisters in some way. So many questions, so much divination to do!


4 thoughts on “A Baboon in the Reeds

      • I’ve thought Thoth was cool since I was thirteen years old. I’m used to seeing him portrayed with an ibis head. What do you think significance is it that he appears in baboon mode ?

      • From the limited amount that I’ve found so far in my search of the interwebs, baboons were associated with Thoth in his aspect as a measurer and accountant. I’m still trying to find more sources on this but that’s the impression I’ve gotten so far. The baboon is also directly connected to the underworld in Egyptian mythology from what I can gather. Again, I’m still trying to research all of the symbols and images I encountered.

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