Dreaming of Amenti: Meeting Isis & Nephthys

BD_Weighing_of_the_HeartI awoke in an anthropoid Egyptian coffin. I looked out into a small dark room lit by torches flaming along the hieroglyph-covered walls. Even with the torches ablaze there were nooks and crannies of the room that were obscured from me. Still I knew that I was in a place that was many places. It was the past, and the present, and the future. It was outside of time and yet it was intricately interwoven with time itself. It was a room with four stone limits – a tomb. It was the place where I could awake to new life – a womb. It was a sanctuary where I could be re-membered, my heart joined with truth and my soul given new life if I proved worthy.

All this I knew as Aset and Nebet-Het extended their hands to me. With their help and wise smiles, I stepped out of the coffin. I stood before Osiris while Anubis weighed my heart against the feather of Ma’at. Thoth stood in a darkened corner recording the event. Against all reason, I was not afraid. I am not a Kemetic Reconstructionist. I am not devoted to any Egyptian gods. I do not know any spells from The Book of the Dead. In this dream I had no ghostly scarab mummified with me so that he could serve as my metaphysical cheat sheet. I did not see Ammit but I knew she was there watching and waiting. I had nothin’. But, Auset and Nebet-Het held and guarded me so I was not afraid.

I have no idea if it makes sense but I understood Aset and Nebet-Het to be the the scale upon which my worth was tested. Each was a side of the scale, Aset holding Ma’at’s feather and Nebet-Het holding my heart. The Two Sisters acted together to measure and test. By Aset’s magic I would be reborn. From the quality of my heart, Nebet-Het would prepare a place for me beyond Death. From strong cords of muscle she would build a new life that reflects the quality of my soul. She would lay the foundations for my life in the hereafter and set me among the stars with the other dead who have gone before.

I could see The Two Sisters back to back working and weaving, and making, unmaking, and remaking souls, the entire vault of heaven behind them, a tapestry containing the shining ones woven into the their endless work. Each soul at a different point in its journey toward it’s becoming in the hereafter. I woke up from the dream and it felt right on time and a little too soon all at once. I don’t know exactly what the dream in its entirety means. All I know is that I hope to meet The Two Goddesses again, to see their smiling faces, to feel my heart in their hands being transformed in a meaningful way.

Praise and honor to The Two Sisters!

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  1. This is a beautiful recounting of your dream. Did the Sisters, or any in attendance speak to you ?

    1. Sort of. It was feelings and images, knowings and understandings, snippets of phrases here and there. That’s not uncommon for me when deity “speaks”. Sometimes it’s very specific short or long speech and other times it’s highly non-verbal.

      1. You’ve hit on the crux or ankara of something in this dream I think. That image of your heart weighed against a feather. Who could possibly attain that ? That scale of justice is the beginning of so much.

      2. I think the extreme difficulty of measuring up to the perfection of Truth and Justice that Ma’at holds within herself is exactly why the Egyptians felt that so many spells and hacks were needed to prove one’s worth, and then to navigate the Duat and to eventually reach Aaru. The task before the Egyptian soul was staggering!

      3. Something I find very sexy in your writing is no matter the spiritual situation or genre, you are always looking for ways to improve, and perhaps make yourself more perfect to the Gods and to yourself. There is an almost magnificent resilience about your writing that sees a test as an opportunity to increase your devotion. Am I correct in this ?

      4. I may be a little biased by my spiritual outlook and by my profession, but I think that most people are looking for ways to improve themselves in one way or another. I’m no different. This life has so many struggles. It behooves us to temper ourselves in those fires.

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