Ogham On My Tongue


An Ogham stone from the Isle of Man, image scanned from Kermode (1911)

In late July, at the the height of summer’s shining, The Morrigan laughed as she grabbed my head, pulled my tongue out of my mouth, and scratched two feda into the bleeding muscle with her thumb. Onn (Gorse/Furze, sometimes Ash) and Duir (Oak) she scratched together. Her message:

“Do not keep silent. Speak wisdom passionately and in truth. Your words are a bridge between worlds, a blessing for wandering seekers.”
Around that same time, Odin whispered too: “The time to be silent has passed!” The signal on this message was boosted by my recent encounter with Odin in Target.

2 thoughts on “Ogham On My Tongue

  1. It’s interesting how in trance deities love to carve things and/or stab things into you, isn’t it?

    Of course, I say this as a devotee of Odin, who has a tendency to do such things.

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