Mercury’s Back and Moving Forward


During this month’s retrograde period, Mercury called me to reestablish his altar in my home. I had been acknowledging his presence in my life as usual, but without the benefit of his altar. When I moved from Illinois to Missouri, I transitioned into a smaller apartment which meant less real estate for the Holy Powers. Mercury asked me to bring back his altar space, and so I found a small surface that could accommodate him. I wish I had more room!

Mercury’s altar contains the following goodly gifts gladly given, from left to right:

  • A green candle infused with Crown of Success oil from The Vodou Store
  • A simple candle charm made of hemp cord and small craft feathers
  • A clear quartz crystal point gifted to me by a friend and three pieces of Fluorite
  • An incense burner holding SuperHit from Kamala’s Own
  • A small wooden box containing his blessings:
    • A rooster feather
    • A stupid amount of Citrine
    • Used bus passes (I rely on public transit)
    • Dice
    • Mercury Dimes
    • Foreign and found currency
    • $2 bills and silver dollars
  • A statue of Mercury from the aptly named Talaria Enterprises surrounded by:
    • A sunstone
    • A clear quartz sphere
    • A Fluorite bracelet
    • A Fluorite necklace
    • An Aventurine necklace

Before establishing the altar, I cleansed the space with Florida Water, then blessed and consecrated it on a Wednesday during the retrograde period. This may seem a little counter-intuitive but I chose this time to dedicate his space because I tend to hear messages a little more clearly during this time, oddly enough. As a part of the blessing for the altar, I also spoke a prayer to Mercurius. If you’re looking for prayers for Mercurius, Nova Roma offers several on their Aedes Mercuri page. I use these often in my practice.

“Mercurius, by Atlas born to Maia, God who fashioned our uncivilized ancestors into cultured men of urbane speech and athletic bearing, to You I sing, Messenger of the Gods and of mighty Jove, inventor of the curved lyre, it pleases You to compose secret jokes and play pranks skillfully. Gladly You restore pious souls to their proper places and by the golden staff confine the trivial quarrel. Dear are You to the Gods above and below.”


Ave Mercurius!




2 thoughts on “Mercury’s Back and Moving Forward

  1. Mercury, the Divine Trickster is a constant visitor to me. He tells me, ” You are being guided on the correct path. You think you are wrong, but you are wiser than before. You think you have been deceived, but you are discovering the truth. You are sure you made a terrible mistake, but you did the only thing that you could have done to bring you to where you are right now.”

    Thank you for your blog, I am so blessed to have found it!


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