Wayfaring Woman: Winding Roads

I have been silent in the blogosphere since February, and in the meantime I’ve been quite busy. I wrapped up my dissertation research, moved from southern Illinois to Missouri, and started a clinical internship. In addition, I’ve been working on some new posts drawing upon recent spiritual experiences that I plan to publish here at Wandering Woman Wondering very soon.

As you may have gathered, I really enjoy writing and using that medium to share my experiences with others. I also appreciate dialoguing with others about their experiences. Wandering Woman Wondering has been a great way to do that and what I’ve done here has opened doors to other writing opportunities. With that said, I’ve begun blogging on The Agora: The Central Hub for the Patheos Pagan Channel as well. There are some amazing authors there and I am honored to walk among them.

My new column, Wayfaring Woman, focuses on what it means to walk the worlds, converse with spirits, and experience a little personal transformation along the way. Of course, I discuss similar themes here, rather broadly. However, over at Wayfaring Woman I hope to synthesize what I’ve learned from my Otherworldly travels and provide guidance for others interested in establishing/maintaining cross-world connections in an ethical and soul-growing manner.

If you are interested, you can check out the inaugural Wayfaring Woman post here. *squee!* I am so excited to be blogging again.


4 thoughts on “Wayfaring Woman: Winding Roads

    • I am maintaining both blogs, but with different content at each. The content will be related though. Because Wayfaring Woman over at The Agora is new, there will be a period where I am deciding for myself exactly how best to negotiate the similarities and differences between the two sites.

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