The Divine Androgyne Speaks

“Find your own vastness, and from that vastness find your balance, your fulcrum. I am not a single pair of balanced scales any more than you are. I, and you, are wheels, spinning around their center. We are all the spiral of existence, whirling and dancing around the staff of life.”

Thus spoke the Divine Androgyne, the Holy Power honored each year at Ecstasis by the Brotherhood of the Phoenix, a Pagan order based in Chicago for self-identified men who love men. Ecstasis took place on October 11th this year and is the only ritual open to the general public. And so I felt especially blessed to attend and receive the Androgyne’s healing words. For two hours I joined with 40-50 celebrants to sing, trance, and dance in the power and grace of the Divine Androgyne. At at the climax of the event, the Androgyne walked among us and gave rede. This year the message was indeed mighty. The entire (reconstructed) message offered by the Androgyne at Ecstasis 2014 can be found here.

In my own meditations I often reflect on the meaning of balance. Having three planets in Libra (Moon, Mars, and Saturn) I am consumed by the magic and mystery of that concept. Over the years, the notion of balance has expanded in my consciousness into a question of harmony. Balance as the Androgyne reveals is often about binaries, but harmony is about systems of multitudinous and varied elements in dynamic relation to one another. The Androgyne ministered to a part of my psyche that I had forgotten in recent months, and reawakened and re-membered it in queer ritual space. All that thrives between the extremes of my own binaries was laid out for me to magic and move, to reimagine and envision, to sing and dance. Joy and sorrow, celebration and grief, they were there and all their mighty cousins too. In queer space which doesn’t feel compelled to be either/or, gay/straight, male/female, this/that, I dissolved and resolved into Harmony; pure magic. And I danced and sang my whole soul awake for the first time in many months.

Ta kya te (meaning “My heart is open to you“ in the language of the Brotherhood). The Androgyne’s magic is powerful, and I am overjoyed to have been a part of it.


2 thoughts on “The Divine Androgyne Speaks

  1. I don’t know why I didn’t notice this until today, but it was a nice pick me up. Thanks for writing it, and I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Ta kya te!

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