More on Working with Svipal

Many months ago I pledged monthly offerings to Odin in exchange for his tutelage. Specifically I invited guidance on the road to greater self-awareness and development. He has often told me that one must know one’s self before one can truly sacrifice self to self for wisdom. I felt that deeper devotion to my own psyche and soul-growth was necessary for personal wellness, delivery of quality spiritual service, and harmonious engagement in spirit work, so I began my own work and I made the pledge in exchange for Odin’s guidance.

At the time I was unsure which aspect of Odin I was working with, if any in particular. There is of course Odin as God of Wisdom for which he has many heiti but they did not seem to be my only possible allies. After last night’s dream and reading the article over at From the Labyrinth, perhaps Odin as the Changeable One has much to teach me in terms of Self-growth and Psyche-Craft.

Svipal, may your praises resound throughout the worlds, and may the changes you bestow be uplifting and healing!


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