Over the last few months, various creatures have crossed my path. A shift has been on the wind since August, the feeling that the subtle energies of the universe have transitioned into something and the slower heavier energies of the world just need to catch up. Big change seems like to order of the day.

In August it was butterflies, crossing my path from left to right, sometimes across green grass and most times across doors and thresholds. Perhaps my road is changing, maybe I am changing, or both. Whatever the case the butterflies are heralds of a sneaking metamorphosis and perhaps a move into something new. In early September it was a garden snake to my right slithering into the grass from the pavement. He hissed of transitions to come and the need to free my mind. All the snake lacked was a pair of fancy sunglasses and two colored pills a la Morpheus in The Matrix. This month, it was a bat flying overhead from left to right at dusk on a Sunday. A related message of rebirth – from darkness to light – seemed to be written on his wings.

Hail the heralds and messengers! May they be blessed this season!


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