Additional Thoughts on Uruz

Uruz by Benjamin Gitchel

“Uruz” by Benjamin Gitchel

Uruz energy is the thrust of will needed to give something form, and the final product. It is the exemplar of will made manifest. However, Uruz is not concerned with instantaneous manifestation sans effort. It appreciates and invites strength of will, strength of character, and due diligence. Uruz’s power can be wild (seemingly uncontrolled/uncontrollable) when first encountered. But I feel it speaks of drive and ferocity combined with goals and

plans laid. Uruz is the Chariot card of the Tarot. Invoking Uruz power can see you through to extraordinary ends. Uruz is interesting because of its momentum full throttle can deliver mighty successes. If you enlist the aid of Uruz it can dull doubts that might otherwise thwart your plans. Uruz is the wild, sure, and passionate True Will, the grit that underlies existence. Invoke Uruz to seek who and what and why and how you really are, all bullcrap and self-doubt aside. Uruz shows the seeker what he is made of. It is a rune that I heavily associate with rites of passage into greater echelons of might.

In addition to associations with raw strength and physical prowess, I associate Uruz with achievement and success. It is the will to accomplish a task and to satisfy a goal and it is the jolt of energy that comes with a job well done. Uruz also has connotations of endurance in my mind. Sometimes we are not called to battle or to fight, but to stand and endure. Uruz is the strength to stand your ground when that is what’s called for. Related to strength and endurance, Uruz is resilience: the ability to bounce back when one is overwhelmed or overcome. There’s a temptation to talk at length about never letting an opposing force take us down but we have to accept that defeat can and does happen. Uruz is the power to get back up and push forward with even more conviction.


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