Witchery by Pale Moonlight

Harvest Super Moon 2014

I was in the mood for some heavy-duty protection and warding work during Monday night’s Super Moon. In collaboration with five fabulous plant spirits, my guardians, the Moon, and Hekate I crafted an oil to fend off maleficence from astral as well as human entities. You see, I have Work to do in the coming months (who doesn’t?) and I can’t have astral and human trouble-makers and parasites on my ass.

The Fabulous Five herbs included in the brew are Mugwort, Agrimony, Angelica, Dandelion, and Wormwood. I selected each in accordance with its lore and its nature. Mugwort is a witching herb from way back with the power to avert evil influences. Agrimony is protective as well, and especially effective against both physical and spiritual poisons. Angelica brings the might of one’s guardians to bear in order to ward against negative or destructive forces. Dandelion has power against peril via its resiliency – its refusal to be undone. Lastly there is Wormwood, another witching herb from way back, which wards against mischievous spirits and just plain old evil entities. To craft the oil I spent some time with each herb saying prayers and connecting with its spirit. I then bathed them in the light of the super moon and consecrated them to the purpose. Into the potion pot they went after that in order to imbue the oil with their newly purposed might.

By the might of Mama Moon, the Fabulous Five, my guardians, and my Lady, I am protected. So mote it be.

Let the testing of the potion’s potency begin…

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