Notes on Algiz

Elhaz, also called Eolh or Algiz, is a powerful rune most commonly associated with warding and protection. It is not simply a wall or other barrier against harm. In my experience it is the warding and protection that come from being “plugged in”, connected with the forces, powers, and entities that walk with you. In Algiz we see the workings of guardian spirits we didn’t even consciously know we had. I internalized this understanding after scratching the rune on my wrist. That night, parts of my soul and intuition, and ancestral wisdom too, rose to meet me in dreamtime and offer rede.

To call upon Algiz is to call upon the full force of one’s guardians: personal guardian spirit (fylgja), powerful ancestors, familial luck (hamingja), patron deities, spirit guides, and the like. In the rune’s written form we can imagine a human figure with her hands held toward the sky. In this position she draws in aid in the form of protection, and other blessings. This may seem like a passive process but it isn’t really. It is active in that one must be aware in order to recognize the assistance/protection that is delivered and intentionally engage all one’s faculties – smarts, skills, talents, resources, etc. – to ensure the willed/hoped for end.

Yes, Algiz is a powerful rune with many lessons to teach. Would you know more, or what?



3 thoughts on “Notes on Algiz

  1. I have a question. One day I was at work and this rune was scratched onto the front of my left hand. It was a spirit scratch. I’ve looked up the meaning to this rune, but I cannot find an answer for the scratch. If you could fill me in?

    • Hi Angelina, have you tried meditating on the mark for its meaning in your situation and/or searching the astral planes in order to find the spirit that left it? I recommend against the second one if you aren’t skilled in astral travel techniques. If neither of the above appeal for whatever reason, consider finding someone willing to do divination for you, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.

      Good luck! I hope that you’re able to find a satisfying answer to your question soon.

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