Hounds of Hekate: Warders Between Worlds

Then earth began to bellow, trees to dance,

And howling dogs in glimm’ring light advance,

Ere Hecate came. “Far hence be souls profane!”

The Sibyl cried, “and from the grove abstain!

~From The Aeneid by Virgil, Book 6, lines 366-369

A few months ago several witches gathered to adore Hekate. I was responsible for establishing the protections that would bar us from harm for the duration of the rite. This is the warding that I created, as inspired by Hekate and her Hounds.

Purify and consecrate the space. Once that task is complete, take in hand a bronze sword from the central altar and speak the following line (or something similar) with a resounding voice:

I call the Hounds of Hekate to avert any evil that might trouble our Work.

Then go to the north and with sword held point up, say:

By the Hounds’ firm footfall in the North,

Proceed slowly to the East:

By the Hounds’ keen senses in the East,

Walk to the South:

By the Hounds’ dreaded bark in the South,

And to the West:

By the Hounds’ deadly bite in the West,

Return to the North and then walk back to the center altar and say:

The ward is set.

Raise the point of the sword to the sky and then bring the point (gently) down to the ground. Return the sword to its proper place on or near the altar. Proceed with the ritual.

During the entire warding process I used a resounding voice and I kept rhythm as I spoke and walked the perimeter. The rhythm was important to maintain. With regard to the use of the sword, it felt energetically appropriate at the time to hold the sword point up (hilt about heart level) when speaking the line for each direction. Between directions (while walking from cardinal point to cardinal point) I turned the blade down to point at the ground and raised it up again when I arrived at the cardinal point and began to speak. I went slowly with this ward allowing myself time to reach out to Hekate’s Hounds and pray for their attendance and acceptance of the charge. As I set the ward, we felt them gather. The room was cool and still with their presence.

Intuition may guide you to execute this ward differently. I’ll leave that to Hekate, to the Hounds, and to you.


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