Relearning the Importance of the Basics

This calendar year has brought a host of changes for me at many levels. I have been forcing myself through trial, joy, and sorrow to stretch beyond my comfort zone and experience new things across the board – intellectually, spiritually, interpersonally, et cetera. To refine my Self. With these changes, very recently I have had to relearn the necessity of and value in regular, intentional grounding and purification rites. I knew in my head that grounding and purification were important for me, and I completed these processes often in spiritual contexts i.e. before and after ritual, spirit work, certain kinds of spell work, and the like. What I had forgotten was that I needed them just as much outside of spiritual working spaces. This may seem like a silly revelation given how long I have been a practicing Witch. But, new and experienced Witches alike often don’t realize that most lessons in life are not just learned once and fully integrated at that time. No. It’s cyclical. We learn and relearn a host of things. How to live. How to laugh. How to love. How to let go. How to be ourselves. We relearn because we change as people and because our circumstances change! That’s real.

Grounding and purification are steps one and two of a thousand, the basics that I took forFlorida Water and Tourmaline granted. A good friend did a lithomancy reading for me on Friday and grounding and purification work are a part of what surfaced from that, which meant it was time to return to those basics, to remember their value, and to integrate them more fully into my life. I had felt this need before off and on this year but ignored it. The reading helped me focus and commit to a return to the basics. And so I began.

For grounding in addition to other techniques I have been working with Black Tourmaline. I sleep with a piece under my pillow to help stabilize my energies just before and during sleep. Black Tourmaline helps me to still my mind, harmonize my emotions, and calm my body. It acts like an energetic regulator, instead of tying my energies up in a particular configuration (e.g. happiness, peace) it helps to stablilize their flow within parameters (i.e. removing some of the intensity and smoothing certain moods). Before Black Tourmaline it had been a while since I’d done any regular, structured work with stones. I may have to return to these powerful assistants more often.

For purification in addition to other techniques I’ve been using Florida Water, an African American folk magic formula for spiritual cleansing and renewal. After my regular shower each day I open my energies up, say a few words of attunement, then cover myself from head to toe in the purifying liquid. I take in the fresh scent. I let the bergamot, lavender, and clove essential oils in the mixture soothe me. At a deeper level I am relearning too how to let go.

This process of relearning the basics has been generative for me. It was not the techniques that I needed to relearn, it was the significance of the techniques. I am integrating them more into my day to day and I am better for it.


3 thoughts on “Relearning the Importance of the Basics

  1. A good realisation – I’ve gone back to “101” in a few things myself and it has been very very rewarding. Also, welcome back!

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