Altar from Til Árs ok Friðr: A Freyr Harvest Blot

Frey Blot Altar 08042013

On August 4th the Catskin Sisters gathered for peace and plenty (the meaning of Til Árs ok Friðr). Here are a few words from the ritual that I facilitated on that day in honor of Freyr. We followed the blot with a nourishing and delicious potluck feast!

God of Fruitful Seasons, you whose harvest sustains the people through the turning year, to you we give bright barley, the grain that nourished and continues to nourish numerous nations.

God of the World, giver of life’s pleasures, to you we offer honey, one of the land’s oldest and sweetest delights.

God of the Vanir, you whose shining hand joins human ingenuity with the might of the fields, to you we give a deep drinking of ale, the potent product of mortal mind and wih-wheat.

Hail to Freyr! We ask, with antler in hand, that you turn aside our troubles and fortify us for the times to come. May you bestow upon us light and life, health and wealth, and above all, peace.


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