Chartes LabyrinthI have been on an unintentional hiatus from this blog for over 10 months. During that time, my weeks were filled with spiritual activities of various sorts; however, none of it felt appropriate to blog about here at that time. I was Working my inner Labyrinth – searching Soul and seeking Self. I was also doing Work for the Spirits during that time. The thing about Work of any kind is that you have to do it. Given how much heavy lifting I was engaged in, I did not have much time or motivation to share the highlights online. In general it was and continues to be a frustratingly iterative but incredibly necessary and rewarding process. I won’t lie though, I am glad to return to some appropriate sharing and caring!

Myriad significant spiritual relationships, new understandings, and potent meanings emerge as I walk these staggeringly wonder-striking roads of Otherworld, as well as Self, discovery. Anything that I publish here is a reflection of and a reflection upon that multifaceted journey. I maintain this blog in order to (when I’m allowed and able) share my experiences, swap technical notes, and discuss who and what I stumble upon in my Wanderings.

I will share a few posts in the coming days, in celebration of my return. Blessings!


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