Equinox Blessings

It was cold and dark, the wind lashed at us from all sides, driving us on. The lake-waters thrashed and roared without cease. Despite the chill, the air was electric. I could feel the power of the season coursing through me. It was Saturday, the 22nd, the Autumn Equinox and it was time for magic. We walked slow and steady through the sand until we found the spot on the beach that wanted to be our place.

We tried lighting candles and incense – a fool’s errand. When we realized, we laughed and set aside that bit of the plan. Each of us in our own way made peace with their absence, accepting that the strong moonlight and fresh scent of the lake as better still. After a few moments, we attuned to the place and began our work. We divided the tasks among us, one casting circle, each of us calling a direction, one leading the spellwork, and myself guiding the meditation. It was one in a handful of times that I’ve guided a meditation. Inspired by the place and time, the quality of my company, and the spirits with whom I work, I let the meditation flow. I’d planned it ahead of time (here’s the text that I wrote – Mabon 2012 Guided Meditation – attentive to the needs of the group of witch-folk I was with) but in the ritual moment details were added or altered, the contours of the experience changed, my facilitation style shifted too. In that time in that place in that moment my companions wildcrafted what they needed from the morphing meditation. To close the ritual, we sent the remaining energy to loved ones for their health and healing, thanked the powers invoked, closed the circle, and departed.

The whole experience was intense for me, much more so than I really expected. I laughed, I cried, I sang. In that time, I remembered how blessed I am and I reacquainted myself with my ability to also offer small blessings to those around me. I am incredibly thankful for what I am able to receive but also for what I am able to give!



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