Shake It Out

The song Shake It Out from Florence and the Machine is another jam that I have to share with folks. It helps me connect with my core self and also with Dionysos :D. I discovered this song and very cool music video a few months ago (along with Cosmic Love).

Shake It Out makes me dance wildly! I cannot tell you how many stiff necks and sore muscles I can credit to this song. It has catharsis and liberation written all over it for me. I let go and suddenly I feel good again.

Could the same happen for you? Go find out; Shake It Out!


8 thoughts on “Shake It Out

  1. Thanks for the song recommendation! I am always looking for new stuff. It’s about how the song makes me feel. If it helps me reach the right emotional state then its great for me to use for devotional work with the appropriate powers or just for working my own inner labyrinth.

    Other FATM songs that I enjoy, some for spiritual reasons and some just because they’re cool:
    Rabbit Heart/Raise It Up (spiritual)
    My Boy Builds Coffins (devotional, Baron Samedi)
    Dog Days Are Over (spiritual)
    Blinding (spiritual – sort of – makes me think of world walking and soul retrieval stuff)
    No Light, No Light (just cool)
    Seven Devils (cool, but dark and moody)
    Breath of Life (spiritual)
    Spectrum (just fun)
    Bedroom Hymns (just sexy)

    And of course:
    Cosmic Love (devotional, Dionysos)
    Shake It Out (devotional, Dionysos)

    • You are welcome – I just love spreading the music-junkie-ness around. ‘My Boy Builds Coffins so made me to think of the Baron the first time I heard it… I even think his sense of humour would find it pretty fetching.

      Rabbit Heart quite describes my relationship with Apollon in current times (or in general – the way He asks for everythig of you, but also gives you everything back)and I find myself singing it for Him often. Ironically I associate with Him even No Light and Blinding. Breath of Life, I simply adore in its right.

      Life is so much better when you got a FATM song for the best parts of it. 😉

  2. Shake It Out is first song in my Dionysian playlist – it’s just perfect for Him, no question asked… and what about Howl, still by FATM? It’s fantastic when so many of the songs of my favorite band can be used in devotional ‘work’ (I use What Water Gave Me and Never Let Me Go for LaSirene and Water-themed Cleansing spells – it goes perfectly!).

    Love Out Of Lust by Lykke Li is similiarly Dionysian in feels….

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