Moon Rites for Hekate

Beginning in July 2011, I started holding small celebratory rites in Hekate’s honor. Each rite opens the way between worlds and allows ritualized time for communion with my Lady. I hold rites at both the dark and full moon. Some are elaborate, some are simple but all are heartfelt.

In the more elaborate rituals, I cleanse and purify myself and the space, sing hymns, invoke the goddess, meditate on her greatness, and celebrate her might. During more simplistic rites, the basic steps are the same but instead of a cleansing bath I might wash my hands; instead of singing a hymn, I might offer a brief prayer; instead of a four verse invocation, I might speak a few short words of welcome; instead of mediation, I might fall asleep with thoughts of Hekate meandering through my mind.

Elaborate or simple, long or short, big or small, my rites for her emerge from the recesses of my soul. Every one that I have completed thus far brings me closer to her and her mysteries. Every one offers the best part of me for her pleasure and for her glory.

Thus far, I have not missed an opportunity to sing her praises at or near the full and dark moons of each month. I plan to continue these observances for many more moons to come. As a lady with strong lunar associations, I find these to be excellent times to reach out and seek her. Hail Hekate, Mighty and Blessed Lady of the Moon, of Magic, and of Mystery!!

1 thought on “Moon Rites for Hekate

  1. I recently did my first Rite of Hekate a few weeks ago. It was a very nice night for it but rather difficult to get into as at the time my firepit was in the front yard and people kept popping out, doing a double take, and popping back in. Distracting.

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