Connecting with the House Wight

I have lived in the same six-unit apartment building for the last 4 years and 9 months. In that time, I have reached out to my “house” spirit before, but I have never felt compelled to keep my hand extended in friendship in a formal, regular way. I sometimes wondered why that was. After connecting with my “house” wight again in mid-October, perhaps for the first real and true time on a personal level, I think I understand a little better where we stand.

On the 18th of October, by candlelight while standing in my kitchen I offered the wight a hot bowl of cream of wheat, some buttered multigrain bread, and a tall glass of whole milk in exchange for what turned out to be a brief first audience. When he showed up to speak with me and accept my offerings, I realized that my “house” wight is not quite a spirit of the home. He does not actually hang out in my house; he’s not “right there”. I intuited that he has “real estate” beyond my single unit and so circulates among his properties. That would explain why I never felt particularly compelled to enter into a warm and fuzzy relationship with him. That would be too familiar, perhaps rather inappropriate.

Now, thanks to the insight he offered, I more accurately think of him as an “apartment” wight rather than a housewight. That shift in thinking created a better paradigm for interacting with him. As I see it, he’s not my live-in house guest or a brownie-type being doing chores for his mistress. No, he’s more like an spirit counterpart to the landlord, guarding the property (and many others in the area), ensuring that tenants don’t screw up in a big way, and occasionally, if he’s feeling nice, granting respectful tenants one or two favors over the course of their lease.

During this first encounter with him, I also gathered that he’s a very hungry spirit with a penchant for hearty grain-based foods and rich dairy products, specifically whole milk or cream. He’ll also take honey and honey-wine, if offered. I was glad to meet him on the 18th of October and offer a hearty meal to fuel his important work. I continue to make offerings to him after I’ve cleaned my apartment and ensured that all is well at home. It seems the primary boon he offers in exchange for a hearty meal and a tall glass of milk is extra protection from home-less spirits and wayward human folk. Many thanks to the apartment wight!


12 thoughts on “Connecting with the House Wight

  1. Great write up! I teach a workshop on interacting with land wights and I give people a reading list for homework; are you good with me adding your post to the list? The overview handout is at Hedgehogs Stole My Beer under “Working With Land Wights 101”.

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  3. Hello! I’m seeking advice about contacting my house wight.
    I’ve moved into my current home about five years ago. It was a freshly built house, and I live here with my parents. I’m moving out next year, and, seeing that I got extremely attached to my home, I want to enjoy my time here to the fullest. And by fullest, I mean, find out everything about it.
    Nothing really strange has ever happened in my house over these 5 years, apart from me hearing someone relentlessly knocking on the wall of my room, which is, mind you, the one that doesn’t connect with any other room, except for the long hallway. So, upon reading your post (which I found very enjoyable, too!), I’ve started wondering if I could seek advice about how to contact my house wight (or at least, find out if there is one), and how to communicate (that’s what I really want to learn to do).
    Could you help me?

    Thank you.

    • Hi! This is where I started with house spirit work: I would suggest doing some protection/shielding and warding work in advance of making contact, also read up a bit on house spirits so that you can more easily discern what’s likely an encounter with a house spirit and what might be something else entirely.

      When you think you are well protected and you know enough to be discerning, extend an offering to the wight and kind words of welcome. Then keep your senses attuned for any sort of reply. Contact can come in many forms, sometimes you will have a definite sense of a presence, sometimes it will be a loose intuitive sense that the offering was well-received, sometimes things that went missing ages ago will turn up, there is a range of possible indicators that your house wight is present and trying to engage with you. On the flip side, you could get no reply. If you feel the wight is not present, maybe try several times over a period of time before officially giving up, because it could be that your wight is very cautious or that the wight is simply not at home/in that part of the house all the time. As I mentioned in my post, my “house wight” travels among several properties so he is not always here.

      That pretty much covers my suggestions for those starting out. Any others want to chime in?? Best of luck in the process, Mnemosyne!

  4. Hearty thanks for this post because it gave me a new perspective on some domestic issues I am having in my apartment.

    Every electronic device I had in last 3 years had a short life and met a rather unlikely end (really, you wouldn’t believe the nember of cells I changed and various misfunctionings that affected my computers). I started getting suspicious when my iphone and lap-top and ipod all during the SAME WEEK manifested similiar battery malfunctions… to not mention once I sent my computer back to my parents house so it could repaired, my father assured me that although he left the thing turned on whole the day, the computer never went in overheating mode like it started doing right away
    when it was back to my apartment.
    Since mundane explanations no longer cut it out, I started suspecting maybe Hermes could have something to do with that, but now I know Him better that does not really sounds like his modus operandi … plus, the problems seem more or less linked to the apartment in itself…
    maybe an House Wright or a brownie is trying to catch my attention?
    I remember I used to be able to see faes around my apartement once- or more thsan anything, their auras…i would really like your opinion on this.

    • A very interesting situation you have there!

      Based on your brief description, I think it very well could be a wight of some sort trying to get your attention…but there could just as easily be some other mundane or not so non-mundane explanation. I am not an expert so I can’t say for sure what it is. If there are deities are other entities with whom you have a relationship, they might be willing to help you figure out what’s going on, especially if your gut tells you it’s spiritual in nature. With regard to mundane considerations, getting your electrical wiring checked might be something to think about.

      • I don’t think the electrical wiring is a possible explanation, because about the only things affected by those ‘problems’ are cellphones, computers and the ipod (whereasTV and normal phone are okay same for the fridge and oven and everything else)… also last year my cellphones and computer had all kinds of constantly different problems (repair guy still laughs in my face when we cross paths, he says my luck with computers is unique)… just around last couple of months my computer and iphone started having issues with overheating and then the ipod had its battery burned out.

        Everything else works perfectly. Add in that when I had just moved in the house the cellphone line would suddenly drop or had interferences when you moved from a room to the other. Back to then, I was able to occasionally spot fairies around the apartment (well, it was more like seeing the auras around tiny and moving human figures)… then I stopped seeing them, the interference problems stopped, and the problems with electronical devices started.

        On this basis, Brownies or some other kind of fae make it to the top of my suspect list (altough, even knowing for certain, should I evict them or feed them so they work in my favor? I have no idea) but I had not thought about asking my patron Lady for advice, silly me.

      • Information gathering sounds like a good plan. Maybe chat with whatever beings or powers you have a relationship with to figure out what is going on. If you are certain it’s fae, perhaps reach out to the being in question and ask why it’s destroying your (very expensive) communication devices.

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