It’s been a while

I have not posted in quite a while – about four weeks, I think. Life has been incredibly hectic. Instead of things slowing down as the darkening year would demand, they actually seem to be speeding up for me…but that’s not uncommon for graduate students like myself who are managing more than a few commitments within the academy. Ugh!

Anyway, there is one small pause on the horizon – i.e. Fall Break – before I have to rally again for the final push before Winter Break. With Fall Break coming up, I have a little time to breathe and get back on the blogging horse :). Yay! Over the course of the next week or so I will post about spiritual happenings from the last month. Double yay! After that, I may not post again until around mid-December i.e. the start of Winter Break.

Here we go…


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