Blood Moon Communion with Hekate

On October 11th, I observed the Blood Moon with a small Full Moon rite in honor of Hekate. Before the rite, I purified the space and myself with candlelight and cedar. As I set the smoldering cedar tips to rest in my censor, a small albino spider ascended the wall behind my altar. I took his presence to be a good omen and continued with the work. I called out to Hekate as night wanderer, torch bearer, and moon goddess. With offerings of organic barley, homemade mugwort tincture, Hekate oil, Hecate the Saffron Clad incense from Otherworld Apothocary, and Hecate incense from Forest Grove Botanica.

After the call and the making of offerings, I stood for a time basking in her presence. Tingling sensations surged through me. She delivered much needed counsel and then departed. After her visit, I felt that I had greater insight into a few nagging questions. I also felt less fearful about my ability to hear her voice and pick her words out of a cacophony of divine utterances. I felt good about our connection and where I am headed under her guidance. Hail Hekate!

Hecate by Hrefngast (on DeviantArt)

For even now, when a mortal propitiates the gods and, following custom, sacrifices well-chosen victims, he invokes Hekate, and if she receives his prayers with favor, then honor goes to him with great ease, and he is given blessings, because she has power and a share in all the rights once granted to the offspring born to Ouranos and Gaia.

~Excerpt from the “Hymn to Hekate” in Hesiod’s Theogony, translated by Apostolos N. Athanassakis


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