On Night Owl’s Beak: Sayings of the Fylgja

In the Poetic Edda – verses 15 through 17 of Sigrdrífumál – we are told of many places where runes of power are inscribed. Rune, loosely defined, means mystery and the “night owl’s beak” is one place where these magical symbols can be found. So, to my thinking the owl, with its rune-inscribed beak, is a potent entity with mighty insight and wisdom to offer those who seek his counsel. With that in mind, I applied some Aves Salve to my third eye chakra, throat chakra, the back of my neck, the back of my knees, and the insides of my elbows. I also lit some candles and incense, then I sat on my couch for 20 minutes breathing deeply and releasing my waking consciousness. As the salve took hold I could feel my energy attuning to that of the Barn Owl, my energy bodies changing form, shapeshifting, and in a little while I was grooming my feathers. Shortly thereafter, my awareness shifted again and I sensed my fylgja (which happens to take the form of a Barn Owl more often than not) in the room “standing” in front of me, actually on top of my coffee table.

He spoke clearly and answered my questions freely which was wonderful! Some spirits enjoy being cryptic, but that was not the case with him that night. When he spoke, his voice was raspy, his words slow and measured. To my great benefit, he chose to answer questions about the nature of the fylgja, which was incredibly helpful since I had been wrestling with that for a while. He also gave me a spell to use in dealing with a persistent and super frustrating problem I have been having (damned neighbors!). His spell recommendation blended European-derived witchcraft practices with African-American hoodoo/folk magic. What surprised me most was the simplicity of the working! He commented that I tend to overcomplicate things and ignore my intuition (i.e., him).

His guidance was practical and meaningful. I look forward to using this method again to connect with him and gain additional insight. Hail Barn Owl and the Sayings of the Fylgja!

5 thoughts on “On Night Owl’s Beak: Sayings of the Fylgja

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  2. Ooh! I can’t wait to talk more about this with you in person soon! *claps hands excitedly*. I don’t want to jinx it, but I should have my flying salve from Sarah soon. I can’t even begin to convey the excited-ness.

  3. I am almost in pain waiting for Sarah to make another batch of Aves salve so I can buy it. All the animal spirit work I have been doing lately has been birds, birds, birds — gulls, pigeons, robins, bluebirds, hawks, crows. Gah.


    • I am right there with you. Lawless has tons of helpful potions that I am about ready to cry over if I cannot get my hands on them soon…”I have promises to keep [to the spirits], and miles to go before I sleep” and all that :-).

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