Barn Owl: Animal Spirit Guide

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Barn Owls are amazing animal spirit guides. They bring a host of gifts to those with whom they choose to work. Ted Andrews writes at length about attributes of the Barn Owl in Animal Speak. He characterizes Barn Owl as a teacher of many mysteries, including stealth, clairvoyance, clairaudience, spirit contact, and mediumship. Andrews adds that Barn Owl can also help those with whom he works to establish a strong link between the heart and the mind. RavenDreamer also speaks at length about Barn Owl’s attributes, stating that those who have the Barn Owl as a guide are likely to have a polarizing effect on people, stimulating either interpersonal attraction or discord. RavenDreamer adds that Barn Owl people may have very different ways of doing things. Ravenari augments the conversation by commenting that Barn Owl folks tend to hear the truth across the worlds and also tell the truth, but like RavenDreamer, Ravenari asserts that people with Barn Owl as a guide can sometimes evoke social discord, either through their actions or simply how they are perceived by others.

In my experience with Barn Owl, Ted Andrews’ description rings the most true. In my work with Barn Owl, my heart-mind link has strengthened and he has been an incredible help in my attempts to make spirit contact, with both human (the dead) and non-human (e.g., alfar, wights, deities, etc) entities. With regard to the polarizing effect noted by RavenDreamer and Ravenari (at least to a degree), I have not seen polarization often but I would be lying if I said I have not seen it at all. Given my Libra tendencies, I do not enjoy having a polarizing effect; we tend to like harmony. The good news is that it does not happen often, but the two times in my life that it has manifested in a profound way, I can say that it has been highly transformative and I would not trade those experiences!

I have a lot more Work to do and I suspect that Barn Owl is in for a pound at this point (since he has already put in the penny). I look forward to the path ahead and learning more about Barn Owl as a guide and teacher who is similar to but also distinct from other Owl spirits.

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    In late summer
    I feel the chill again
    the first marauding
    from the high plateau

    I can sense the teeth in everything
    and claws under rock and ti-tree
    biting down

    in the dry sand of the creekbed
    I find the skeleton of a barn owl
    and snap off its skull
    with a twist of my thumb and forefinger

    I string it
    with a length of fishing-line
    and for days
    I wear it around my neck
    dreaming at night
    of the crack of lizard-bones
    the death-cries of small marsupials

    the hard beak
    as I work
    knocking against my chest

    the great, absent eyes
    as I sleep
    watching from eucalyptus
    or waiting in dark rafters.

    — David Brooks

  2. katakhanas says:

    It’s said that the Welsh goddess Blodeuwedd, whose name means “flower face” as she was constructed magickally by the wizards Math and Gwydion out of flowers, is also cognate with the Welsh word for “barn owl.” These beautiful birds do seem to have faces reminiscent of flower petals. Alas that in the Welsh myth of Llew Llaw Gyffes, Blodeuwedd was turned into this owl by Gwydion as punishment for betraying Llew: in shame, he pronounced, her face can only be exposed at night–not by the light of day. However, I have had owl medicine literally dropped before me in broad daylight: seven years ago, on the grounds of the Theosophical Society (T.S.) in America (in Wheaton, IL), a barred owl (different type of owl) and her fuzzy owlet flew from a huge willow tree (Helloooo, Hekate!) and swooped down low near where I stood in a meadow before landing on the limb of a large evergreen. Both mother and baby owl dropped feathers inches before where I stood. I picked up the feathers with reverence; the whole swift maneuver stunned me. As did seeing both a mother and baby flying about in broad daylight (on a sunny June afternoon). I’d brought my boyfriend at the time to visit the T.S. grounds as he’d never been there before, but our relationship was on its last legs; he made me feel miserable, and I was contemplating breaking up with him. As soon as those feathers landed before me, I knew it was time. I worked up the courage to break up with him that evening. πŸ™‚

  3. Susannah says:

    Your post rang true to me. A few years ago, I was doing a long meditation for a martial arts test & was supposed to ask my spirit animal to appear. I was expecting one of 4 martial arts animals and was a little nonplussed when a barn owl asserted itself.

  4. yourjourneybeginstoday says:

    Great post and beautiful truth πŸ™‚

  5. Mo says:

    Very happy to find some information about the barn owl as animal spirit guide as there was none on German websites.

  6. Beautiful just been given a barn owl as a power animal from a shaman … looking forward to many journeys… lovely writ up and image will keep this in faves
    Much love

    1. Tamilia says:

      Thanks, Darren. Best of luck to you on your journey.

  7. Linda Ursin says:

    Lovely post on the Barn Owl. I just did a short one on my companions. I might elaborate later.

    1. Tamilia says:

      Thanks! I read your fylgja post as well; good stuff!

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