August Dark Moon

Hekatê of the Path, I invoke Thee, Lovely Lady of the Triple Crossroads,
Celestial, Chthonian, and Marine One, Lady of the Saffron Robe.
Sepulchral One, celebrating the Bakchic Mysteries among the Souls of the Dead,
Daughter of Persês, Lover of Solitude, rejoicing in deer.
Nocturnal One, Lady of the Dogs, invincible Queen.
She of the Cry of the Beast, Ungirt One, having an irresistible Form.
Bullherder, Keeper of the Keys of All the Universe, Mistress,
Guide, Bride, Nurturer of Youths, Mountain Wanderer.
I pray Thee, Maiden, to be present at our hallowed rites of initiation,
Always bestowing Thy graciousness upon the Boukolos.

~Orphic Hymn to Hekatê

August Deipnon for Hekate, Dark Moon 2011*

On August 28th, at nightfall on the evening of the Dark Moon, I ventured into the yawning dark to honor Hekate, “Lovely Lady of the Triple Crossroads”. I prepared the site for the rite, which happened to be the base of a pine tree. I purified myself with khernips, sprinkled barley on the dark, damp earth, and recited the Orphic Hymn to Hekate. While laying out Her deipnon, I whispered prayers of thanksgiving, strength, and release to The One Who Gives and Takes. The deipnon was large this month. I gave Her garlic, boiled egg, goat cheese, whole wheat pita bread, grapes, almonds, and red wine. I repeated my thanks again, and again. Hekate is old and young as She pleases; in case She came as Crone I wanted to be sure that She could hear me (*grin*). Before leaving the site, because I was in a public park, I erected a ward over the offerings to protect them from human disturbances. Then, with one last prayer of praise I walked home without looking back. The howls of three hounds along the way signaled the acceptance of my sacrifices.

Hekate, Dark Lady, Queen of Land, Sky, and Sea, many are your wonders and great your names.

*Note: This photo was taken at nightfall without a flash and so has been altered in order to render the offerings visible. To orient you, surrounding the offerings are dark soil, pine needles, branches, cones, and bits of grass. The tree itself, the base of which doubled as a bothros (aka pit for offerings/animal sacrifices to chthonic deities) for this rite, is located in the upper left of the photo. I cleared away the pine needles to expose the soil beneath, since I could not dig a pit in a public park; well, not without drawing (more) attention to myself.

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