Livin’ La Vida Lokkr

I’ve been pondering vardlokkur everyday for the last few days now. It’s a bit weird to me that I have been developing lyrics on the bus each morning but it’s the time of day when my focus is at its sharpest so it just sort of naturally happens then. With smart phone in hand, going over bumps in the road and turning corners, I write. I am aware that these are the early stages of the creation process, with that in mind I am not getting too attached to anything I have created thus far. Also, I have to consider the spirits. I have not run any of this by them in any formal way so they may laugh at me and scrap it later down the road!

To date, I have centered my efforts on lyric development. The melody/melodies have not come to me yet. Perhaps the melody is the part the spirits care the most about and that’s why nothing has come to me quite yet, or maybe the right time simply has not presented itself. Either way, lyrics are where my current work within the vardlokkur puzzle is located. Because the lyrical aspect has been driven by my passion for the project and because I do not speak any other languages (and Spanish does not count), all of my current work has been in English with the occasional Old Norse, Icelandic, or Old/Middle English word or person’s name thrown in. I plan to incorporate additional language and lore pieces as I move forward. I just need to slow down (or rather speed up) and do it. I also want to weave in some of the historical elements suggested on the Iron Age Collaborators page (thanks, Linda).

So, without further ado, two sets of lyrics (with spoken word sound files at WWWII) that I have developed thus far:

Come to the Völva’s Vé (mp3 file)

Come weal-willing wights of warding
To the völva’s ve, to see and seiðr and sooth
Vaettir give voice, for the völva listens
Wrapped in Yggrdrasil’s roots.

Draw Ye Near (mp3 file)

Come Hulda and Katla, Veleda and Heiðr
Draw ye near, to spae and to seidh
Come volvas and vitkis, all sayers sooth
Draw ye near, to whisper the truth
Come wights and vaettir, all spirits sain
Draw ye near, to give and to gain

9 thoughts on “Livin’ La Vida Lokkr

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    • It was so silly, I couldn’t resist 🙂 And thanks, I am still working on them. It may end up being just one lokkr, it may be more…we’ll see what happens.

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