Three Gifts from Crow

Crow in Flight, a photo by J. R. Compton

I have been spending more time outside these days. When I am not on campus, my time out of doors is usually spent at a nearby park or generally strolling through my neighborhood. Two of my most resent strolls yielded five crow feathers between them: one on one trip and four (!) on another. Three of the five feathers I found are on the altar pictured below.

Animal Guide Altar/Shrine

In thanks for the five feathers, I offered a handful of wild oats and four hard boiled eggs, with the yolks exposed. Hail black-winged Crow, messenger, trickster, and wisdom keeper!


6 thoughts on “Three Gifts from Crow

    • Many thanks, Carolina! Crow is an inspiration and his magic never ceases to amaze me. Crow spirit is one of many wonders I am blessed to have encountered in my wanderings :-).

  1. I have 3 feathers – I was greatful for everyone I received. I work with Crow as well (his name is Louie and he’s french). He is a bit mad at me because I took his nest down – I made it myself from grapevines. But it needed to happen, especially since I was going to paint and now with this storm coming.
    Wish list item is a crow skull, saving my pennies for one 🙂

    • Best of luck to you in your work with Crow, Sunny. A crow skull is on my wishlist as well! I have many plots and plans drawn up for a crow skull *rubs hands together in diabolical contemplation, in true trickster fashion*

  2. Heh. Raven and Crow are my totems (I’m sure there’s a better word I wouldn’t have to steal from Native American peoples, but I just got out of bed and am blanking on it for the moment). I collect crow feathers when and where I find them; there’s a murder of crows that hangs out at Wolf Lake Park (or was; they’ve started roadwork there 2 weeks ago and I haven’t seen them since; I think the noise drove them away. I hope it’s just temporary).

    Your altar is *gorgeous*. I’m in the middle of putting one together; I recently received a beautiful crow skull in the mail, ordered legally through the Forest Grove Botanica. I just have to figure out where to put the altar where my five cats won’t shred anything I put on it. Birds and cats, after all…


    • Thanks! I can’t wait to see your altar when you get it the way you want it, and devise a way to keep your cats off of it. By the way, I am super jealous of your crow skull. I have thought about acquiring a corvid skull from FGB, a thought process that literally takes me a mere 1.5 seconds. Well, 1.5 seconds is obviously too long because I always miss out. I’m not discouraged though; I will keep trying :-).

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