Mercury at Grand Central Station NYC

Over at the Society of Diana there is a very cool blog post about Mercury’s presence at Grand Central Station. I thought I would post a comment on it here on my blog since I am having technical difficulties with Blogspot commenting right now (sorry). In a nutshell, I really agree with the author that our gods are all around and magic is afoot in the world. Also, the author makes an excellent point that not all representations of Mercury are created equal. If he is not being backgrounded to one or more of the other gods, he is being represented in a somehow muted fashion…but not at Grand Central Station; there, he is big, bold, and powerful the Lord of Exchange in its many forms.

Mercury Clock, photo by Marie Sobrito

For that very reason, when I am in NYC on business or visiting friends, I always try to stop by Grand Central Station to stare up at him in all his splendor. I have pictures from one of my trips tucked away somewhere, taken before I went digital…when I was still restricted to film *gasp*. I hope to take some digital photos the next time I am in NYC so that I can use one of them on my altar and then post one or two of them here.

Hail Mercury, fleet-footed lord of exchange!

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