Many Thanks to the House of Eleggua

I want to give a huge thank you to Carolina González over at the House of Eleggua for featuring Wandering Woman Wondering in Issue #2 of the House’s newsletter, which came out on Monday, August 22nd! For those who are interested in subscribing to the House of Eleggua newsletter, you may do so by visiting the House of Eleggua blog linked above and clicking on the subscription button there in the right-hand navigation bar.

In addition to the incredibly informative blog linked above and the newsletter, the House of Eleggua also runs a store where interested folks can find herbs, jewelry, magickal services, art prints, hoodoo waters and much more. I myself am a gigantic fan of the prints (I have Oya, Eleggua, and Pomba Gira) as well as the Wanderer Incense dedicated to Odin.

Again, many thanks to Carolina and the House of Eleggua!

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