A Dawn Offering to Mercurius

The new academic year is upon me and so, on Sunday morning in the bright rays of the early morning sun in a nearby park, I made an offering of five rooster feathers, Success Incense, sweet cinnamon bark, and an herbal mixture of mugwort and mullein to Mercury, the fleet-footed lord of exchange…of course, that includes the exchange of ideas.

Rooster Feathers, Sweet Cinnamon Bark, Mugwort and Mullein encircling Success Incense

I think of the academy as an intellectual marketplace, a center for the exchange of knowledge, and for the development of various intellectual skills. All of these are areas that Mercurius holds dear to his heart. And so, by his grace, I pray that this year brings me many successes, safe (conference) travels, and protection from any forces that might attempt to threaten my intellectual journey. Hail Mercurius, wily god and giver of many splendid gifts!

2 thoughts on “A Dawn Offering to Mercurius

  1. Morning! I don’t know if you write poetry (or essays or stories), but there’s currently a devotional anthology being put together to honor Hermes (Mercury, etc.) by Bibliotheca Alexandrina. I’ve sent in some of my work to them already, since He and I have been working together for a long time. If you’re interested, submission guidelines are here:


    BA is a pagan publishing imprint that’s got quite a few works out, mostly devoted to Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern gods. Admission: I have works in more than a couple of these, so I might be biased, but I think they do good work.

    ~Jennifer Lawrence

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