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The Goddess Hekate: PSG Workshop Review and Handout

I returned from PSG on the afternoon of June 26th and have only recently recovered from the awesomeness of the experience. It was a lot to take in! I attended several workshops and rituals and I also presented two workshops, one on Hekate (by myself) and the other on Trance Journeying (with the Catskin Sisters). I want to speak briefly about The Goddess Hekate workshop.

Based on the feedback I received form attendees, some of “The Goddess Hekate” workshop strengths included:

  • a focus on primary and secondary literary and scholarly sources
  • giving Hekate “good press” i.e. presenting her in a positive, uplifting light rather than a solely dark and brooding one
  • good coverage on Hekate’s aspects over time
  • good treatment of how people can approach her and what offerings she enjoys

Based on my own assessment, some of the workshop’s weaknesses included:

  • a great deal of information presented quickly; not as much depth and I would have liked
  • the absence of discussion about the significance of Hekate’s early representation as a young virgin goddess (e.g. the Running Maiden)
  • lack of additional time for questions and in depth group discussion

For those interested parties that did not receive a handout and for those who were unable to attend the workshop/PSG at all, I have posted below (very, very slightly edited) versions of both the handout that everyone received that day as well as my more detailed personal talking notes. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the handout or the talking notes or simply wish to engage in dialogue, feel free to contact me/leave a comment! Many blessings.

4 replies on “The Goddess Hekate: PSG Workshop Review and Handout”

Wow, you were busy! I looked through this briefly and look forward to diving into it and learning more from it when I have the time. It looks great and even though I’ve been studying her, there’s a lot I didn’t know or don’t know a lot about. I think this will help a lot. Thank you so much for sharing these!

I tried to cover quite a bit of territory in the handout/talking notes. I hope you find it useful! If you want to chat about any of the handout/talking notes content once you dive in, I am very open to that!!

Thank you for posting your Hekate information! I’ve saved it to digest later ;-). A friend of mine from RL was there as well. I’m still a bit jealous of both of you! But at least I have something. I’m very interested to see what your presentation was like. I’ve always been interested, at least academically, in Hekate. She hasn’t called to me, but I find Her fascinating. Would have liked more of the “Maiden” aspect of Her as well. I believe She’s very misunderstood in many circles. Of course, that’s just me…

Hope the reenry into reality wasn’t too painful!

You are very welcome. If you have questions about any of what I presented in the handout/talking notes, just holler and I will do my best to answer. Also, I may make a post dedicated to exploring Hekate’s maiden aspect, but that will have to be farther down the road.

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