Trance Journeying and Hekate: Prep for PSG Workshops

I am super excited about this year’s PSG and the two workshops I am scheduled to present! “Walking the Unseen Roads” will cover how-to info and safety tips for trance and journeying the Other Worlds. The workshop outline for that one is currently being passed around among us for final touches. The Catskin Sisters and I are going to have a blast presenting that one.

The second workshop that I am presenting – The Goddess Hekate: Beyond Popular Misconceptions – is also coming along nicely. I am about one-third of the way done with my talking notes. I currently have books and other reference materials devouring my desk! When I finish getting myself in order and writing up the talking notes, I will start work on an informational handout to give to participants so that they have something to carry away from the workshop.

The Stack-O-Reference Material

Desk devoured by books on Hekate, Magic and Ritual, the PGM, and Divination

PSG, here I come. Only six more days after today!

6 thoughts on “Trance Journeying and Hekate: Prep for PSG Workshops

  1. May I also have a copy please? I know you’ll deliver a great workshop and it’s a shame I can’t attend. Thanks!

  2. I didn’t realize you were leading workshops. That’s pretty damned cool. I still have yet to check out the full list of them now that it’s posted.

    • There are about 200 workshops, maybe more! It’s kind of fun to plan a little ahead of time which ones you will definitely attend. It gets you in the mood for eight days of Pagan revelry!! Yay, PSG!!

    • I do hope that people get a lot out of them and that they enjoy them. I really think that the “Walking the Unseen Roads” workshop is going to be the hardest to do because there is so much to communicate to people about Trance and Journey Work. Oh, like good little presenters, we will have a handout. We can give you a copy whenever it’s finished, if you want to see what sort of stuff we plan to ramble on about.

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