Venturing Into Svartalfheim

Feel free to check out my latest post – “Venturing into Svartalfheim” – over at the Catskin Sisters blog, if you are interested in trancework and journeying within a Norse cultural and cosmological context, and the magickal uses of runes in the Otherworlds.

Another Catskin Sister has posted about her trip to Svartalfheim as well. Feel free to read both our accounts and compare. The amount of overlap between our experiences is interesting. That sort of thing really helps to minimize the fear that the Otherworlds are “all in my head”. Nope, in my experience they are real worlds that, like everything else, look a little different through different eyes but still have their own intrinsic qualities which can remain mostly static across experiences.

2 thoughts on “Venturing Into Svartalfheim

  1. Exactly. These worlds are not tiny so folks can end up in fairly different parts. As for how you entered, it raised some eyebrows but the Dvergar were understanding. I call that a win. If you had been ignorant of the questionable nature of the act, it may not have ended so well, but you are always conscientious so it worked out!

  2. Yeah, I’m sure some of the differences in the experiences are due to being in different locations of a world and interacting with the world in our own unique ways, but also that our accounts/perceptions of the worlds are viewed through the lens of our minds, and thus can be colored or limited because of that…

    They are definitely real worlds, and just like this one, you can make an ass of yourself if you’re not careful! *sigh* I’m still mad at myself over how I “entered” Svartalfheim.

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