A Pagan Therapy Blog

As you may recall, I am a doctoral student in Counseling Psychology. So, needless to say, when I found this – www.pagantherapy.com – I nearly wet myself. I really applaud the blog’s author aka Michael Reeder, LCPC, NBCCH!

I look forward to exploring the blog and learning more about his take on what it means to work conscientiously, respectfully, and competently with the growing Pagan demographic in a mental health/psychological context. If I find any additional links of interests in my explorations, I will be sure to create another brief post!


2 thoughts on “A Pagan Therapy Blog

  1. I didn’t know that! 🙂 That’s awesome, I gave up on a doctoral degree about halfway through my masters…School just isn’t for me. But I am looking to be a chaplain, and I’m also excited to read through the blog you linked. It looks like it could be helpful. Thanks for sharing, and good luck with your degree!

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