Faces of Hekate

Ian Phanes‘ comment on my earlier post (“On Working with Hekate: Keepin’ It Movin’“) gave me the idea to create this pictorial homage. Credit, where known, is given in the picture captions. Enjoy!

Hecate by Mari-Na (on DeviantArt)

I absolutely LOVE this image of Hekate. She looks quite mighty here. It boldly captures many of her aspects!

This one is just hot :-). I like it. The breadth and depth of the Underworld is known to this one.

The Running Maiden aka Hekate from a relief linked to the Eleusian Mysteries

This statue is of Hekate leading Persephone up from the Underworld. I associate it with Hekate as torchbearer, guide, and companion, among other things.

Hecate by William Blake

This image is not one of my absolute favorites but I still see Hekate in it, perhaps as Denizen of the Space Between, Leader of Dogs and Restless Spirits.

Hekate leading Persephone up from the Underworld

Again, Hekate as torchbearer, guide, and companion leading Persephone up. Here she ensures the turning of the year in Greek mythology by facilitating Persephone’s return. The return of life – rebirth – after a period of death.

I like the loaded symbolism in this one, keys and daggers and torches, oh my!

Hecate, modern reproduction of an ancient Roman image

Another three-formed image of the Goddess. I like the items she holds in her hands. The dagger and torches I can make out. I am not quite sure about the third item. Any ideas?

Hekate with Twin Torches, from ancient Greek vase

Honestly, anytime Hekate waves around flaming torches, I get excited :-). So this one is for good measure. It depicts Herakles leading Kerberos away as one of his twelve labors.

An ancient Roman statue of Hecate based on a Greek version

…and still more Trivia for the Hekate, or in this case, Hecate lovers.

Hekate slaying Klytios in the Titan War, from Greek vase

Hekate kicking butt. Nuff said.

Hecate by Hrefngast (on DeviantArt)

This image transfixed me for at least 3 minutes when I first saw it. Again, I appreciated the loaded symbolism. I also like that in this image she seems shrouded or cloaked in night but the darkness does not blind you to the light contained in her being. The image also screams of the mysteries, blessings, and curses of the crossroads. *squee* I love it! Also, if you visit Hrefngast on DeviantArt, you can read the amazing poem in Hekate’s honor.

That’s all folks. What are some of your favorite images of Hekate?

7 thoughts on “Faces of Hekate

  1. Wow I had not run across that image by Hrefngast before! Thanks for introducing me to my now favorite image of her! That is beautiful. I’m also really partial to the first one. I wanted to get a full size image of it for my shrine, but now it has competition. Decisions Decisions!

  2. That first image is the one I used for Her Sacred Fires. It really is incredibly gorgeous, it’s the first image of her I really looked at and still my favorite.

    I wondered about the other item in the circular reproduction before, too. I saw a blog somewhere mention Hekate as sometimes carrying scourges and thought that might be what she’s carrying here, but I really don’t know.

    • I thought the same thing, that it might be a scourge, but I am still basically in the dark about what it is. I may do some research on it this weekend because now my curiosity is really piqued!

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