On Working with Hekate: Keepin’ It Movin’

As I work to deepen my connection with and understanding of Hekate, it becomes increasingly apparent to me that she is a goddess of the grind, the unrelenting force that compels us onward. In essence, she keeps it movin’. For those who resist change, who refuse to let go, this can make her a merciless and foul Being provoking great fear and loathing. This is one of her darker faces. In my experience, Hekate’s darker faces are dark because they demand transition and transformation, which many of us fear and resist. Her darkness is not about a scathing attitude or malicious intent. Though I will say that she deals in justice – a “what goes around comes around” type – so for those doing wrong, they open themselves to a less than pleasant face of the goddess. But to those whom Hekate calls friend, she can be a mighty counselor and companion, a bright beacon of relief in times of adversity, and a knowing guide through the inner and outer dark. However, whether dark or light, pure or grey, by not only encouraging transition but demanding it, Hekate fills a dark but necessary purpose.  Hekate brings awareness back to the Work at hand, what must be done and the steps that have to be taken in order to at least move on, and ideally move forward.

There is where our choice comes in. As surely as time passes, we must move on, but we choose whether or not to move forward. All of us have had a time in our lives where we were in the present but our thoughts and desires remained adrift in our Memory, roaming the ghostly paths of the past. We must move on, but we don’t absolutely have to move forward…but just as surely as Hekate is the force that compels moving on, she also doles out the consequence of not moving forward. It is here that we see the destructive, painful, hollow aspect of Hekate’s role as goddess of liminality. When stuck between where we were and where we are, between where we are and where we hope to be, we become emotionally and psychologically distraught, lost and afraid, or we because delusional, completely enamored with a world long passed away, unable to see the yawning dark that has swallowed us whole. It’s when we reach this point that we are doomed to roam the space between with only the restless dead and the hounds of our regrets for company. On the flipside, liminal spaces can be places of rest and recuperation, of taking stock and making plans, and of communion with Hekate before we set out on the next arch of our journey. In my opinion, this is the positive side of what it means to be in a liminal space and Hekate governs this as well. She is death and shadow, but not always. She is life and light, but not always. Liminal spaces  and Hekate herself contain all of the above and none of it.

I have been trapped in a liminal place before, and I did not like it. When Hekate and I found one another, moving on graduated to moving forward and I could suddenly see the path before me rather than the cracked grey road behind me. Hekate lit her guiding torch, commanded the wraiths to step off, and took the first steps forward with me. She helped me to turn the wheel of my becoming, to set the cycle of transformation spinning once more. Hekate taught me that it is when we fail to ride the revolutions of the wheel that a piece of our psyche may be left behind with each turn, stranded in a land that time has abandoned. As the Dread Goddess (Thea Deinos), leader of the night’s monsters and daimons, in my view she holds sway over the beasts that consume the past, that devour what has expired, and that erode our spirit if we fail to move forward. Hekate has guided me and can guide us all I think in resting, taking stock, charting our course, and keepin’ it movin’ through the liminal spaces of our lives and transitioning into new ways of being. She sternly warns against getting caught up; we must move (on and) forward. It’s hard, and sometimes it plain old sucks, but it’s necessary.

Hail Hekate, Dark Goddess of the Grind and Exalted Lady of Those Committed to Keepin’ It Movin’!

5 thoughts on “On Working with Hekate: Keepin’ It Movin’

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  2. How do I see Hecate, Queen of Witches, and Lady of the Dark Moon?

    She is three-formed, with six arms, bearing the following:

    Torch: showing the way (in right hand)
    Key: opening the gate (in left hand)

    Mirror: showing the self (in right hand)
    Scourge: driving the reluctant on (in left hand)

    Sword: cutting unnecessary ties (in right hand)
    Serpent: wisdom from the Underworld (in left hand)

    Which face you will see at any given time depends on you.

    Thanks for provoking this.

    • What great symbolism! Some of those symbols I am used to hearing of in relation to Her but others not as much. I especially like that each symbol is placed in one of the six hands of Hekate Triformis. Using your symbol system, I would say that I met Hekate of Sword and Serpent first. I definitely needed to cut some ties and reap the insights of that tie-cutting. She then introduced me to Hekate of Mirror and Scourge. I’ve been enveloped in lots of introspective and “keepin’ it movin” type work of late. Hekate of Torch and Key flickers in and out like the light of the torch She bears. With head high, torch pointed, and keys clanging, She sets me off on various inner and outer odysseys.

      I would say that I have encountered each of the faces you present, each in there turn. She and I cycle together pretty well I think. Each day that passes, I feel better and better about the oaths I wish to take to Her. Hail Hekate of Sword and Serpent, of Mirror and Scourge, of Torch and Key! Thank you for sharing your view of Hekate, Ian!!

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